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I currently live with my family in a house they rent. However, I have other expenses that I need to cover and don’t know how long this situation will last. If you have been employed through PAYE, your employed may be able to place you on furlough. This decision rests with your employer, so I’d recommend discussing this with them. My partner and I have some savings, but we will be in trouble once my mortgage holiday ends. Before you can receive furlough support, you must cease receiving SSP.

Covid19 has forced the industry I work in to shut down completely. If I am eligible for self-employed relief, how much and at what rate will I have to pay back? And when should it be paid back? I no longer claim for tax credits as apparently I was once overpaid and now I’m still paying this off. As you can imagine I’m quite sceptical of this “Gorvernment relief” but I may need to access it, if possible.

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I work as a supply teacher for an agency and have done for the past 7 yrs, last year I was ill and lived off my savings, so they are now depleted. I am paid by an umbrella company so spent 2 working days applying for UC in March after the schools closed. We found out that we could be furloughed a long time later.

As long as you don’t close their business and are still trading, according to this, you should be okay. UC is intended to be an in-and-out of work benefit. Earnings while on UC are perfectly acceptable. I applied for Universal Credit after being informed I would not get hours anymore, and today I got the confirmation my request has been approved. The benefit cap has not been increased but the Minimum Income Floor has been temporarily suspended. This means that lower earnings will result in a higher benefit award, but this is limited to £20,000/year outside London and £23,000 within London. If this is not possible, you might be able to claim Universal Credit or Council Tax Support, provided that your savings are below £16,000.

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Each party keeps any extra income they are able to make . Please note that court orders containing child support provisions may not be legally binding if a certificate is obtained indicating that legal advice was sought. Remember that child support is important for Australia’s children, even though the way it is calculated can often produce assessments that seem unfair and unrealistic.

Similarly with household bills and rent costs, it is a good idea to contact your providers to discuss your circumstances and if you are struggling to pay . Depending on some finer details of your situation you may be able to claim Universal Credit and Council tax support. You can use our Benefit and Budgeting Calculator to determine if you are eligible. You can start the process online, verify yourself, and your income online without having to speak to them on the phone.

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Hi, I am a self-employed individual and will be out of work starting Monday. I have calculated that the govt grants would pay me £2200 per month in June, backdated from March. From the questions on this page there seem to be a lot of people in this position.

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    You will need to 1) have worked and paid Class 1 or Class 2 contributions in one of the years above; and 2) have paid, or been credited, 50 weeks worth of contributions over the two years. This would be in addition your Universal Credit payment. I’ve been asked to work a lot of overtime hours in NHS for next 8 weeks. I don’t want work and put my family at risk if my tax credits are taken away because of my extra