Always Play To Win

There are a number of people involved in the world of gambling but surprisingly, these people are still unable to turn valuable knowledge into a consistent stream of gambling profits. Sadly, they will never be able to.

They just want to play to “have fun”. Fair enough you may think, but what is so fun about losing money? Furthermore, what is so fun about losing money when, with a little discipline and diversification, you could leave the casino a winner?

The average person spends two to three nights when visiting a gambling destination and plays 80% of the time while there. Some punters play without taking a short siesta and even worse, some without pausing to eat. These people who cannot leave well after they have gambled are the ones who may end up dead broke and depressed after having spent their hard earned cash.

It is far better and more fun to return with a smile than it is to return home depressed and penniless after having spent your hard earned cash. If you are gambling to win you are a gambler and you must get every opportunity to do so, this little discipline and self control and a great deal of instinct can make a world of difference to your betting and your bottom line.

If you were to wake up one morning and learn that the cards you are dealt at the last hand were J, Q, K, A, you would obviously be quite taken with surprise. You would ask yourself “Why? What have I done wrong?”. If you had and “I” word then you would most likely log off in a huff and repeat the word again.

On the other hand if you are playing poker you would be quite surprised and surprised to discover that you pocket was not so good after all. If you had a “winning hand” you would be quite content at that point, but if you were wrong and lost a good portion of your stack then it would make an interesting story much better.

When it comes to compulsive gamblers, we have much to learn about discipline and bankroll management. It doesn’t matter what we were doing previously, there comes a time when we have to say enough and walk away.

However, the other part of this equation is that compulsive gamblers continue to gamble in the hope of winning and providing themselves with a boost of self-confidence, and a little more money or a win that makes their day.

A compulsive gambler will always be under pressure to make a win and return home happy and boastful, hence the need to go back repeatedly. A compulsive gambler is likely to say a WIN is a WIN regardless of the odds. You WILL NOT win every time, however you need to give yourself a chance to win by giving an equal chance in a contest.


Loose players are the ones who keep on playing until they run completely out of money and then they start all over again. They are the ones who keep you on the poker table long enough for the odds to build so that you lose continually. They also tend to be the ones to make horrible calls and bets with no regard to the cards on the table. Another way to describe a loose player is as follows. You like to bet and raise with lots of hands but you will still let Others be in the hand with better cards than you.


A tight player waits for a very good hand before he finally starts betting, generally they will try to slow play and let the others play for him. They also have the might to back their bets up with real strong cards. If they are sitting at a table they will wait for a lot of poker hands to get themselves closer to the best hand. Tight players are the ones you want at your table because they will play fewer hands and you can rake in a lot of cash very easily off them.


An aggressive player either wins or busts fast. They play a lot of hands and usually win when they get a lot of “goals”, but they lose big when they don’t score. They try to play every second hand and are usually right on the money. Being aggressive, these players also tend to bet heavily, around three to four bets per hand. They definitely play every hand and you will not get a lot of material. They are very easy to read. Once you know their pattern you can rest assured that they are the one making the decisions.


Semi-Aggressive players are a lot like the aggressive players, however they don’t start betting aggressively until later in the hand. They main purpose is to disturb the others with their frequent betting. They get a lot of calls because of their aggressive behavior and hence can be dangerous to play against especially when they get a high number of opponents. Against these poker players you will simply fold and wait for other opportunities toinate them.